Breathtaking view of the mountains

The Treff farmhouse

Our farmhouse lies 1,180 m (3,871 feet) above the sea level, only 3 km away from the villages Kastelruth and Seis and 7 km (4.3 miles) below Europe’s highest alpine plateau, the Seiser Alm.
We concentrate on dairy farming and cultivate a 10ha (24.7 acres) large meadow surrounding our farmhouse including a nearby forest of about 4.5 ha (11.1 acres).

We take pride in our cattle that make our heart swelling with joy in our everyday farming job. Every cow and calf has been given a melodic name either by us or by our dear guests.

Our lovely cats feel most comfortable when playing around in the haystack; and our free chicken deliver fresh eggs.

It is our children’s job to feed the rabbits and chicken, but also our guest’s children are invited to lend a hand.
There have always been guests at the farmhouse Treff...
… a fact that was rather an exception in earlier times.
Illustrious guests stayed at the hotels in Seis and Kastelruth, while those staying at our farm were special guests and were famous for being the “Lords of the Farmhouse Treff” among the locals.

For those seeking peace and quiet

Time out from everyday stress and noise
Sunbathe and lounge on the large balconies of the holiday apartments with an exciting book of our library. Or enjoy the cool shade in the hammock on the wide lawn under the canopy of old, stately trees.
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For families & children

Vacation on the farm with the many animals
Where does the milk or the egg, the fresh salad, the herbs come from?
...Discover it yourself!
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Farm products

We deliver all the milk daily to the Mila dairy. There it is processed into yoghurt, butter, cream, cheese and fresh milk. We keep enough fresh milk for domestic use and produce our own yoghurt. Our chickens provide us with fresh eggs.
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The farmhouse Treffhof and its surrounding quite often served as a popular motif for painters and photographers in order to create postcards and calendars.

Two different film teams hosted the farmhouse. In October 2006 a film team of about 50 people filmed a publicity spot by the famous Bauli Company of Panettone all day long from 5.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. These exceptional circumstances sent us into transports of joy.

The history of the Treffhof

Farm chronicle

1419 Treffenhof in St. Valentin
1546 Mathes Tref
1630 Nicolaus Hofer
1642 Nicolaus Hofer, Treff in St. Valentin
1680 Matheis Hofer
1751 Paul Hofer
1766 Johann Hofer
1812 Maria Hofer verh. Silbernagel
1840 Anton Silbernagel
1860 Anton Silbernagel, Rier
1879 Johann Plunger, Kamaun
1887 Nikolaus Plunger
1899 Andrä Wachtler aus Gries
1902 Peter Mulser
1907 Mulser Filomena
1919 Nikolaus Putzer
1960 Franz Putzer
1993 Walter Putzer
Famiglia Putzer
San Valentino 5
39040 Kastelruth
Seiser Alm / South Tyrol
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