A real adventure for your kids!

Holiday adventure with lots of animals
We will satisfy children’s curiosity and give them a chance to explore the life of animals by letting them find out on their own: Where does the milk or the egg come from? How do salads and herbs grow?

It is your child who has to discover the answer!
Children are amazed
to have the chance to help in the cowshed either by feeding or milking the cows; or to water the calves, to prepare the forage, to get eggs, or to clean and broom ….

It’s the animals’ pleasure when they are fed by children and different small animals such as rabbits, cats, guinea pigs and chicken are waiting in order make the children’s heart beat faster.
Hare Franz
For our young guests we have a really unique playground with:
  • a large swing
  • a sandbox with a small digger
  • a corner covered with hey and a log for climbing
  • a ring toss game
  • different equipment such as ropes and stilts
Our surrounding place is ideal for ball games, sack races and playing hide and seek.

For the very young we have a rocking horse and all those you would wish to be a farmer can ride on the small plastic tractor with a trailer and a little wagon.

In our apartments children will find a collection of different games, colours to draw and a guest book for children where they can insert their little works and perpetuate their experiences.
“It’s the early bird that catches the worm”
Before the sunrise there are roe deer enjoying the morning atmosphere at the edge of the wood and bird’s voices welcome the new day….
For families with younger and older children:
After a demanding year of school or kindergarten a lot of girls and boys are looking only for one thing: being simply a child. At our farm they are allowed to discover to their heart’s content. They can either go to the playground or just play with water, sand, wooden pieces or small rocks in order to build something, or just hang out in the hammock.

At the table under the tree, children can pass their time by doing handicrafts, drawing, writing letters, decorating books or by sticking photos into photo albums.
They can enjoy their desire to be active by climbing, playing hide and seek or tag, by playing table tennis, basket ball or volley ball. Very young children can pass their time in the sand box or by riding on the small tractor with a trailer and a little wagon.
Even our animals enjoy being observed or pet by your children.
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