Homemade products

A farm without trees is like a fountain without water
Daily, we deliver our milk to the cooperative society Mila. There it will be made into yoghurt, butter, cream, cheese and fresh milk. We keep some milk for our own needs and produce our own yoghurt. Our chicken deliver fresh eggs.
Apple-, pear- and cherry trees grow around the farmhouse and invite you to relax on one of the deck chairs or you can pass your time just by sitting on one of the benches and observing all the birds that are attracted by our fruit trees. As soon as these fruits ripen, they will be made into jam, stewed fruit, juices and syrups.

In some corners you will even find raspberries, black currants and blackberries, which are ideal for juices, jelly and jam.

Depending on the season, a lot of different vegetables and herbs grow in our garden – whereby the herbs are used to produce teas and spices for our syrups and juices as well as for our salt mixed with herbs.
Sense life at the farmhouse:
Take a deep breath and take pleasure in our healthy, natural and fresh air. Taste the “white gold” – our GM-free milk -, the eggs, and seasonal vegetables from our garden as well as our homemade products while having lunch or dinner on your balcony and experience an unforgettable sunset with a glass of local wine.
During summer you can experience the work at our farmhouse by observing the cutting of grass and the corresponding activities such as the turning of grass and the pulling it into the barn. Thereby you can inhale the wonderful scent of fresh grass and hey and if you like you can join us and help us to work the grass as it will be your pleasure to experience the joy of working in the fields and with animals.
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